Your path to truly profitable trading!

The path to becoming a successful trader begins with selecting the right partner for your training. We convey know-how and strategies that have proven themselves in practice and which can be learned and implemented by anyone.

Find out how you can be truly successful as a trader!

If you already possess knowledge and experience as a trader that you would like to deepen and consolidate, our Advanced Trading courses are the right choice for you! We will build on your current level of knowledge and bring you to the next level!

Trading for beginners

Trading for experts

Successful trading — not speculating!


Are you experiencing too many setbacks when trading? Are you unable to work out why? We will accompany you on your path to becoming a profitable trader. Benefit from our experience and from the mistakes we have made in the past. Use our seminars, coaching programs, webinars, trading products and services to learn how you can finally be successful as a trader!


Strategy discussion // Options trading // Volume trading // Live seminars // Webinars

Find the strategy that fits your current life situation! We help you to find the right strategy for your specific personal situation and implement it. After all, even the best strategy will not bring you the desired success if it does not fit your current life situation.


MTM – Masterclass Trading Mentoring // Individual coaching sessions for trading // Live trading session // Individual coaching for personal development

Have you already learned a functioning strategy, but the trading results do not meet your expectations? Are you unsure why this is the case and would like to finally break through to successful trading? With our coaching offerings, we can help you to master this quintessential step!


Hedging software // Future software

With our network of elite traders and mentors, we can offer software products that are only used by a handful of traders. This is one of the many advantages which are able to offer our students when they attend one of our training courses. Because we use these software products ourselves, we are aware of the incredible potential that they offer.

Learning to trade - that's how you can successfully start trading on the stock exchange!


Have you ever considered whether banks, insurance companies, asset managers, family offices, in other words the big players out there are interested in showing you how they invest themselves, act on the market and position themselves?

Could it not be that these big players use quite different tools and information to build and manage their positions? Would that give them an advantage over the "normal" retail trader?

If you are of this opinion and would like to find out how you can gain access to such tools and information and would like to secure this advantage for you in the market, then we invite you to a non-binding, free strategy discussion with us!


But be careful!
We guarantee you, this conversation will change your life forever!








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